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Pricing & Timeline

ADE follows a common industry practice of building a price for data entry efforts by assessing actual source documents.  When this is not possible, artwork drafts are used and heavier reliance on client forecast is factored into the estimate.


Data Entry at ADE is typically priced into one of the following categories:



Rate Type




Document or Piece Rate

Regular ongoing large-scale production.

Quality client forecast.

Definable & consistent source documents.

More than 3 months in duration.

Character Rate

Regular ongoing large or small-scale production.

Difficult to estimate number documents.

Difficult to estimate number of keystrokes per document.

Project Rate

Defined short period of work, less than 3 months in duration.

Non-variable or moderately variable documents.

Hourly Rate

Variable or inconsistent source document format.

Highly variable forecast.

Difficult to interpret with a data map by data entry personnel.


ADE is different than many data entry organizations in that clients are typically not assessed ongoing account management, output, or reporting fees.  Also ADE does not suffer from inflated layers of management, administration and sales costs. Thus the price you pay for data entry at ADE for the most part is directed toward hiring high caliber data entry personnel to assure that your data results are of excellent quality and highest integrity.


ADE is very responsive to client requirements and particularly sensitive to turn-around times.  To meet the most demanding time constraints, we schedule 2nd and 3rd shifts 7 days per week depending upon the scale of the project.


The first step is for you to find out what your project will cost and how long it will take.  Call ADE and discuss your requirements now.  Contact Info


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