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ADE clients have been pleased with our result-oriented work to the extent that many have written letters expressing their satisfaction.  Here are samples of our customers’ comments: 



Avery Dennison:  “….We are pleased to report to anyone reading this document that ADE successfully meets our requirements and has done so since our relationship began in 1995.  We marvel at their ability to manage, process, and provide a professional approach to reviewing our consumer direct responses which have totalled several million in recent times.”


Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.:   “….We have been most pleased with ADE’s work.  They have not only been accurate but have given us personalized service, alerting us to problems we were not aware of, and spending the extra time and attention to detail when special situations arose.”

“….As someone who has worked with data entry services for the last 15 years, I feel qualified to say ADE ranks at the top.”


Kaiser Permanente:   “… ADE has consistently provided high quality service.  The service has been professional, courteous, and timely.  In addition, occasional manual checks that we conduct have revealed an extremely high level of accuracy.  I would highly recommend the services provided by ADE.”


Risley & Goor:  “….I highly recommend this company for its professional, timely and accurate service”.



You can choose ADE with confidence.

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