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Survey processing has been the core of ADE’s business for over 20 years.  ADE processes the following types of questionnaires for notable global clients:


·          Human Resources Questionnaires

·          Health Care Questionnaires

·          Shopping Mall Surveys

·          Vehicle Owner Satisfaction Surveys

·          Consumer Goods Surveys


Surveys, including the more elaborate form referred to as questionnaires, are in constant production at ADE among a staff that have been trained in the rigors of accurately capturing client data.


ADE’s flexibility adapts to the client’s requirements including document style & keying standards (verbatim or summary).  Even document control sequence codes are easily rendered part of the captured data set allowing full audit capabilities on the finished data.


Most clients require verifiable results from their surveys. This is accomplished through key verification.  ADE’s customized data entry systems were built on this cornerstone, and provide extraordinary capability with high efficiency and throughput.   These features translate to cost savings and reliability for clients who must have accuracy on a tight budget.


ADE offers you data integrity through structured work flows, systems, and staff training to assure you that we will deliver your data when and how you need it.  Click here and see for yourself the ADE Advantages & Value in survey processing.


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