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Advantages and value from ADE Survey Processing

Survey results are a key ingredient in the shaping of client decisions and ADE takes extraordinary pride in client satisfaction in this area. Here are some of the reasons why:


          Key verification is a common and often utilized process at ADE and is made efficient by our customized data entry systems. High data integrity without the large cost implications of redundant data entry is a specialized process and ADE has attained expert status in this category.


          ADE is equipped to accept a handwritten 25-page employee questionnaire just as easily as a single sheet check box survey.  Significant experience at both - and everything in between - is the key to your cost efficient data entry solution at ADE.


          Flexibility is the common denominator when surveys and data entry come together.  Too few surveys or questionnaires are engineered specifically for back office efficiency in data entry, which is the reason ADE likes to assist customers in the survey form design stage.


          Regular production of scheduled surveys is critical to tight client schedules.  ADE works diligently to meet and exceed requirements producing long tenured and highly satisfied clients.


          Specialized outputs from survey results are frequently accommodated.  One client prefers numerical results in a database and free form paragraph-long comments in individual word documents, tied together with a common key.  This is not a problem at ADE.


ADE has 20 years of experience in dealing with surveys.  Why not call today and see how ADE can help with your next project?  Contact Info


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