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ADE has keyed millions of characters of consumer registration data.  This work requires capturing standard contact information and, depending upon the type of registration, might include special fields of data, such as:


Product Registrations

UPC code

Date of purchase

Model / serial numbers

Registration card project number

Reseller where purchased

Profile Q&A about the use of the product

Profile Q&A about the user

User comments


Software Registrations

Data elements as shown under Product Registrations

Software version codes

Media type

Operating system and platform where used

Company profile information


Consumer Attendance Registrations

Location of registration

Family profile information

Ages & gender

Purchasing preferences

Attendance preferences

Consumer comments


Vehicle Warranty Registrations

Vehicle Identification Number

Model & style

Color & Accessories

Customer satisfaction Q&A

Customer free form comments

Customer dealer review information


Seminar Registrations

Session number

Track number

Session evaluation

Speaker evaluation

Attendee  questionnaires


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