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Client Business Challenge:

Receive and respond to customer requests for samples, literature, quotes, surveys, applications, and orders in the shortest time frame to maintain the customer's interest in their products and services.


Client Perspective:

“Our fax machines are going to melt!”

“Fax machines ran out of paper last night – we missed a bunch of orders!”

“We dedicated one full time person to empty & refill fax machines 7 days a week”

“We ran out of postage at the PO and they are holding our BRM mail”


ADE Enhanced Solution:

A) Direct your inbound fax numbers to our digital platforms

B) Replacing or at least complimenting business reply mail with a fax number to ADE’s fax services will do the following:

·         Your customer’s request is received within minutes of their interaction with your advertisement, correspondence, or your direct information request.

·         Your customer’s response is routed directly to data entry stations and keyed upon receipt

·         Your customer response data is ready to import into your order entry system, sent to your catalog mailing house, route to your market research dept, import to CRM/ Marketing Database / Call Center systems… anywhere you need it to go… we help to get it there.


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