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ADE accommodates specialized projects where the root functionality is data entry but that require other skills & functions too.  The following describes some of special projects successfully executed by ADE:


Fulfillment Labels

ADE has engineered specialized client data streams to produce shipping labels for literature and sample product requests.  As a part of the ongoing production activity, ADE prepares thousands of address labels with client part codes, and couriers them to a third party fulfillment operation.  Complete with management reports and instructions this operation allows a consumer response to be keyed and fulfilled within a few days of receipt at ADE.


Inventory Master File Creation

Using various client-supplied catalogs, ad sheets and price lists, an ADE team located and data entered the required data elements for various products.  Using the results, the client was able to have their IT team import the inventory master file. This saved dozens of hours of building the same data inside the order entry application the client was adopting.


Updating Client Host Data

Using high-speed connectivity, ADE has pulled together a team to edit, cleanse and update client order entry system master reference files. Using client supplied documents and guidelines, ADE’s team worked around the clock to edit several thousand inventory items in preparation for an accelerated system launch date.


Cataloging of Documents

Another project entailed collecting and cataloging product collateral materials coding each item with a unique record id.  ADE created a master file of each cataloged item and corresponding binders with actual examples, including physical description, paper weight, color or black &white, overall size, number of sheets versus pages, title information, pertinent codes, etc.  This information was compiled into a database which the client used to further manage the deployment of these 4,000 + pieces of advertising materials.


Inbound Fax Processing

Many clients utilize Business Reply Mail for receiving consumer or business responses to surveys, product information requests, etc.  The less expensive method of receiving these same responses is inbound fax services, which go directly into data entry.  Click here to review ADE’s Inbound Customer Fax service.


ADE has also responded to a client’s requirement for call center outsourced work.  Click here for a description of ADE’s Call Center Projects

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